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Thread: Which one is best for me?

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    Which one is best for me?

    Trying to decide whether to choose Belly Trim XP, Leptiburn or now there's a new product CraveFix96. I am a 49-year-old female. Would like to lose 20 pounds (going from 150 to 130). I eat "real" food with the occasional splurge of Kettle Cooked potato chips and chocolate chip cookies! Exercise is 3 times a week, 30 minutes a week of cardio or HIIT. How do I choose what is best for my goals? Is there a comparison chart or something that will help me decide?

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    Good morning, leeronmic. Thank you for taking the time to register for our Community Forum. We are happy to have you here, and will do everything we can to see that you make the best decision for you to achieve optimal health and wellness.

    In terms of supplementation, generally speaking, the “best” combination of supplements for pure weight loss may be Metabo379 and LeptiBURN. If one is working to overcome a stagnant progress, is concerned about weight loss plateaus, or deals with a relatively sluggish metabolism, then LeptiBURN may be a cornerstone supplement.

    Likewise, if one’s aim is to increase lean body mass while losing fat, then BellyTrim XP and Metabo379 may be a good combination. Based on the data investigating the ingredients in these two supplements, there is evidence that this duo may be particularly effective at reducing “trouble areas” like abdominal fat, hips, and thighs.

    If one has poor carbohydrate tolerance, metabolic flexibility, and insulin sensitivity and is looking to lose weight, then a combination of IC-5 and Metabo379 may be a good place to start.

    Coach Tim has done a wonderful job of providing some additional information which may help aid in your decision in the following thread:

    Navigating BioTRUST Weight Loss Supplements

    It may be helpful for us to learn more about you, your current habits, and your smart goals. To understand more about what I mean by this, check out the following article written by Coach Brian:

    How Do You Measure You?

    With all that being said, we have recently introduced our newest product, CraveFix 96. Based on the information you provided, I do think CraveFix 96 is a good option for you also. The ingredients in CraveFix 96 have been shown to boost mood and reduce stress, leading to reductions in stress-induced snacking and emotional eating, which typically involve overeating high-sugar, high-fat, highly-palatable, calorie-dense foods. Additionally, these ingredients in CraveFix 96 help reduce hunger, increase feelings of satisfaction (i.e., satiety), and fight the urge to snack by raising levels of “feel-good” chemicals in the body, which oppose the hunger hormone ghrelin.

    I talked more about this product in the following thread:

    Control Your Cravings

    Another option which I am not sure if you considered is our Low Carb Protein Cookies. Studies shows that high-protein diets increase satiety and boost metabolic rate, as well as yield greater fat loss, help build/maintain calorie-burning lean muscle mass, and preserve metabolic rate when dieting. Furthermore, the research is compellingly clear that controlling blood sugar and insulin levels seems to be necessary to optimize body weight and reduce fat mass, improve health markers, effectively use fat for fuel, improve sleep patterns, eliminate GI distress, and more.

    Thus, the BioTrust Protein Cookies, which are high in protein and low- to moderate-glycemic, are a delicious and convenient food to help folks meet their nutrition needs, support their health and fitness goals, and satisfy their sweet tooth. This would be a HUGE bonus for you, as we carry these in chocolate chip. Win-win.

    One you have had a chance to review the information provided, hit us back up and let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to sharing in your journey with you, leeronmic.
    Cristina Powell, ME-NC3, Pn1
    Nutrition and Exercise Coach
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