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Thread: FAST Day on Shaun's Over 40 Absolutions

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    FAST Day on Shaun's Over 40 Absolutions

    I am following Shaun's over 40 program and I'm on the 7 day Fastest weight loss week. He recommends 21g BCAA Matrix which I see doesn't exist anymore. I've asked their customer support for a replacement and they do not have one yet. I was told the BioTrust Low Carb is a solution. I'm not to have ANY calories on the FAST day. Can you recommend a replacement product?

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    Hello, Cjacinto, and welcome to the community.

    Thanks for writing in and for asking about the BCAA Matrix. You are correct in that we no longer carry that product. The BioTRUST Low Carb Protein Blend is actually not a suitable replacement for BCAAs, technically speaking, as it does have calories (as you mentioned). Your best bet is to find either a pill form or a powdered version of BCAAs to add to water and sip on your fasting day. You can usually find them at any local nutrition store. Just make sure to get a product that is just BCAAs and doesn't have other ingredients added to it (besides a sweetener, if it's a powder). I hope this helps and please let us know how it's going. Have a wonderful day!
    Coach Stefanie
    BioTrust Nutrition and Exercise Coach
    ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
    ISSA Certified in Fitness Nutrition

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