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Thread: 1 month in with Leptiburn- Help!

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    Unhappy 1 month in with Leptiburn- Help!

    I started doing research since I had been eating right (protein shakes, veggies, and lean chicken. cut out carbs and sugar - except whole grain, which I rarely ate), and working out EVERY DAY for MONTHS. I looked in the mirror one day and not only had I stopped seeing results, but I actually looked 4 months pregnant! (I've had 4, so I know what it looks like). I had totally plateaued. I don't weigh much (about 120 lbs, 5'5) but I have tons of belly fat I need to trim - obviously, if I suddenly looked 4 months pregnant.

    So I did a lot of research on Leptin and decided to buy the 3 pack of Leptiburn. I saw a lot of reviews and couldn't find anything negative, and read some awesome before/after reviews. I ordered the 3 pack and I've taken it for exactly a month. I am having a lot of issues and I'm struggling to figure out what is going on. I've been taking the Leptiburn as directed, drinking enough water, eating right, and working out, but I GAINED 3 lbs. The Leptiburn hasn't even helped at all, and here I am, desperately trying to find out why and reading all these reviews from people who have lost all this weight and yet I somehow gained 3 lbs? I truly have been taking it as directed, and have been eating right and working out (I've been doing insanity for 2 weeks!)

    PLEASE does anyone else have this experience of using Leptiburn for a month and not only not seeing results, but gaining a little weight? If you took it longer than a month, does it start to work? I get that it says to use 60-90 days to see results, but surely I shouldn't have GAINED weight and seen NO results??

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    Good afternoon, MNS. Welcome to the Community Forum. Thank you for sharing a little but of your history with us, and for allowing is the opportunity to assist you with reaching your goals. Speaking in terms of goals, it would appear that you are not necessarily looking to lose weight, but are concerned with belly fat, is this correct?

    Based on your current habits, you are eating clean and exercising and it may be helpful for us to learn more about your current diet and exercise program. Are you adhering to a specific diet or meal plan, or are you mindful of the macronutrients you are consuming?

    While it is not necessary to rely on external rules (i.e., calorie counting, weighing food), as much as it is to rely on your internal cues (e.g., hunger, satiety, appetite awareness), some of what I would consider to be the foundations of good nutrition are contained in this article written by Coach Tim:

    Habits of Highly Effective Nutrition Plans

    Although calories do matter and we can't ignore the energy balance equation (i.e., calories in versus calories out), it may be really helpful to get a better idea of what types of foods you're choosing. For most people, the base of their nutrition pyramid is going to include both portion sizes (i.e., calorie control) and food choices (i.e., food quality). As you'll see in the article above, we know that eating a diet that's high protein provides tremendous health and body composition benefits. Another article that I wanted to share with you is the following, as it sounds like you may gotten in the trap that eating less and less is necessary:

    Move More Eat More

    Did you happen to take any measurements or are you strictly keeping track of your progress by your overall body mass? Since you mention that you have been working out quite frequently, and have recently started doing Insanity work-outs, I would say this is perfectly normal to notice a fluctuation in your weight. In addition to your body burning fat and building lean muscle mass, you may also be experiencing what is referred to as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Long story short, whenever you begin a new exercise program, you are more than likely using muscles that may not have been used in a while, or ever before. As these muscles are used, they may become sore (but not a bad sore, this is a good sore), and often times will become inflamed. Your body's natural instinct is to retain fluid to protect itself. Once your body becomes used to using these muscles, the fluid will release itself and you will begin to see changes to your body composition.

    Generally speaking, I'd recommend that fat loss clients use the following assessments:

    I noticed that you mentioned our recommendation to give the products an honest chance to work by taking them for a minimum of 60 to 90 days. The reason we say this is because BioTRUST products are of the highest quality, but no product will work miracles overnight. That said, when you use our products consistently we guarantee your success.

    To be completely blunt, I would say that anyone who thinks that a supplement is a magic pill and/or a replacement for any aspect of a healthy lifestyle (e.g., good nutrition, regular physical activity, stress management, quality sleep, hydration) is probably wasting their time or money. Please don't take that out of context; supplements can help, and all of the BioTrust supplements and their ingredients are based on extensive peer-reviewed research (on real folks like you and me) demonstrating their safety and effectiveness.

    However, at the most fundamental level, supplements are intended to be complementary to those pillars of a healthy lifestyle in order to help close nutritional gaps, address nutrient insufficiencies, and make one's efforts most effective and efficient. However, it's still important that we focus on the "big rocks" and constantly strive for improvement in those areas:

    Getting Your BIG ROCKS into Place

    We want to do everything we can to get to know you better so that we can help you both identify any areas of potential improvement, and along those same lines, provide you with effective solutions.

    I would stick to your path and continue to include LeptiBURN in your diet, along with practicing good nutrition and regular physical activity. Be sure to include adequate water in your diet, and be mindful of good sleep hygiene as well.

    Stay positive and take things one day at a time. You got this, and we will be here for you every step of the way.
    Cristina Powell, ME-NC3, Pn1
    Nutrition and Exercise Coach
    Blog Articles by Coach Cristina
    Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.

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