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Thread: All About Ageless Body

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    All About Ageless Body

    All About Ageless Body™
    Advanced Anti-Aging Defense Formula

    What does Ageless Body do?

    Ageless Body is a premium advanced anti-aging defense formula that combines cell-rejuvenating nutrients with age-defying antioxidants. Ageless Body is scientifically designed to:

    • Support firm & healthy skin
    • Rejuvenate photo-aged skin for a youthful appearance
    • Combat cellular aging & oxidative stress
    • Promote vitality & cellular energy
    • Support stress management and healthy levels of stress hormones

    How does Ageless Body work?

    Ageless Body helps restore youth and defend against aging through a combination of age-defying mechanisms:

    • Combating free radicals and reducing oxidative stress with powerful antioxidants
    • Supporting mitochondrial function & sparking cellular energy production
    • Shielding skin from UV-induced photoaging
    • Increasing collagen production for firm & healthy skin
    • Promoting a healthy stress response and optimizing levels of stress hormones
    • Improving mood and feelings of wellbeing
    • Reducing levels of several key biomarkers (e.g., cytokines, enzymes) associated with aging and inflammation

    How does this apply to you?

    Simply put, as long as you’re alive (i.e., not dead), you’re aging at the cellular level (a process known as “senescence”), which can impact how you look (e.g., skin health), feel (e.g., energy levels, feelings of wellbeing), and perform (e.g., recovery, concentration).

    Excessive oxidative stress (at the cellular level, this is the equivalent of a nail rusting) and persistent unhealthy levels of cytokines and inflammation (often referred to as “inflammaging”) directly contribute to and accelerate senescence, or biological aging.

    While cellular aging may be inevitable, there are a number of controllable/preventable factors to which folks may be exposed that can accelerate the process including exposure to pollution, excess UV rays from the sun, chronic stress (which can be physical, mental, and/or emotional and come from any corner of your life), lifestyle choices, food choices (e.g., processed foods, sugar), sleep quality and duration, and more.

    This process of aging influences the health of every organ and organ system in the body including the skin, brain and nervous system, heart and cardiovascular system, joints and muscles, immune system, GI system, endocrine system and hormones, and more, including body fat. Along those lines, cellular senescence is associated with changes in how fat is stored, with an increase in visceral (i.e., abdominal fat) and ectopic (e.g., liver, kidneys, and heart) storage, which are considered to be more detrimental to health than subcutaneous fat stores.

    Why should I take Ageless Body?

    Ageless Body is a premium anti-aging formula that combines cell-rejuvenating nutrients with age-defying antioxidants, and it is scientifically-designed to:

    • Promote healthy aging
    • Provide powerful antioxidant support and combat oxidative stress
    • Promote energy levels, increase vitality, and reduce fatigue
    • Combat the visual signs of aging (photoaged skin, wrinkles)
    • Promote a healthy balance of cytokines in the body
    • Reduce stress and optimize levels of stress hormones
    • Fortify the immune system
    • Support cognitive function and concentration
    • Support healthy weight management
    • Enhance mood and feelings of wellbeing
    • Promote joint health, skin health, and cardiovascular health
    • Improve performance and accelerate recovery

    What is the best way to take Ageless Body?

    Take two (2) capsules once (1) daily with a meal. For advanced anti-aging support, take two (2) additional capsules with another meal (i.e., two capsules twice daily).

    How long do I have to take Ageless Body before I see results? What results can I expect?

    Remember, it’s critical to give Ageless Body an honest chance to work by taking it as recommended for 60 – 90 days. Like all BioTRUST supplements, Ageless Body is made with the highest quality, most effective ingredients, but no product will work miracles overnight.

    Research studies demonstrating the effectiveness of the individual ingredients in Ageless Body have lasted between 60 days and 8 months, showing the most profound, measurable improvements when taken regularly for these durations. Research-backed benefits include:

    • Healthy aging
    • Anti-aging skin effects, repair of damaged, photoaged skin, and wrinkle relief
    • Increased energy levels and vitality
    • Improved mitochondrial function and cellular energy production
    • Direct antioxidant support and reductions in oxidative stress and free radicals
    • A healthy balance of cytokines in the body reflecting a healthy inflammatory response
    • Improved joint health and reduced joint discomfort
    • Optimized immune system function and increased activity of the body’s internal defense network
    • Detoxification
    • Healthy weight management
    • Improved markers of cardiovascular health
    • Improved quality of life and feelings of wellbeing
    • Improved mental acuity and concentration
    • Stress reduction, increased resilience, and improved stress tolerance
    • Optimized levels of stress hormones
    • Reductions in stress-induced eating
    • Increased muscle mass, muscular strength, and endurance capacity
    • More restful sleep
    Tim Skwiat, MEd., CSCS, Pn2
    Director of Nutrition and Exercise
    BioTRUST Nutrition: We are THE premium, natural nutrition brand committed to integrity, excellence, and giving back.

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    What are the ingredients in Ageless Body and how do they work?

    What are the ingredients in Ageless Body and how do they work?

    1. CurcuWIN®

    Curcumin is a potent antioxidant bioactive derived from turmeric, an exotic, bright yellow plant from the ginger family that has been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. Its effectiveness has been highlighted in over 3,000 scientific publications dealing with turmeric in just the last 25 years alone. Curcumin has been shown to scavenge free radicals, lower oxidative stress, and reduce levels of several key biomarkers (e.g., cytokines, enzymes, transcription factors) associated with aging and inflammation.

    Unfortunately, curcurmin has poor solubility and absoprtion, and as a result, unrealistically high amounts of standard curcumin powder (> 10 GRAMS per day) are often required to obtain the powerful health benefits. You may have even used curcumin or turmeric in the past and not noticed much, if anything, in terms of results. Well, it’s all in the bioavailbility—you can’t benefit from what your body doesn’t use.

    That’s exactly why we chose to include CurcuWIN, the most bioavailable version of this super botancial on the market today. In a robust, well-controlled human clinical trial published in the Nutrition Journal, a research team at the University of Tampa led by Dr. Jacob Wilson found that absorption of CurcuWIN was 46 TIMES greater than standard curcumin and 5.8 TIMES greater than the previous “gold standard” of enhanced curcumin extracts.

    In one recent study published in the journal Panminerva Medica, Dr. Gianni Belcaro and his team from the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Chieti-Pescara University in Italy found that folks taking curcumin for 2 months experienced a whopping 94% decrease in levels (a difference 3.76 TIMES—or 276%—greater than the placebo) of a compound called C-Reactive Protein, which researchers have identified as a key biomarker of biological aging. What’s more, after 3 months, the participants taking curcumin improved their levels of physical function by 58% compared to 2% in the placebo group—an improvement 29 times greater (2800%)!

    But that’s not all; the same group of Italian researchers performed another study published in the journal Alternative Medicine Review that further fortified the age-decelerating effects of this potent herbal extract. In a larger (twice as many participants) eight-month randomized controlled trial, the researchers found that folks taking curcumin extract reduced levels of two key mediators of aging, IL-1ß and IL-6, by 65% and 27%, respectively. Compared to the placebo group, this represented improvements of over 21-fold (2000%) and 15-fold (1400%) respectively—a tremendous difference! Not only that, the group supplementing with curcumin experienced a 56% reduction in age-related joint discomfort—an improvement over 11 TIMES (or 1000%) greater than the placebo group. Tthe folks taking curcumin reported a 4-fold (300%) improvement in physical function and a 36-fold (3500%) improvement in feelings of wellbeing.

    2. Sensoril®

    Withania somnifera, which is also known as Ashwagandha, is a revered and historically important Ayurvedic medicinal botanical. It has been used in India and countries of southern Asia for millennia providing multiple health-enhancing benefits when used as a daily tonic.

    You see, Withania somnifera is well-known rejuvenating, adaptogenic herb that has been shown to combat stress, promote health and longevity, slow the aging process, revitalize the body, improve feelings of wellbeing, increase resilience and stress tolerance, increase muscle mass and muscular strength, and boost endurance.

    While there are many forms of Ashwagandha available, Sensoril is a multi-patented, all-natural, branded extract with the highest, most potent levels of stress-fighting, cognitive-enhancing bioactive constituents. Sensoril is the industry-leading, clinically-tested stress neutralizer, and this precise extract has been shown to support stress reduction, promote energy levels, mental acuity, and concentration, support cardiovascular healthy, support healthy weight management, and promote more restful sleep.

    In fact, in one randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, a group of researchers led by Dr. Biswajit Auddy found middle-aged men and women who supplemented twice daily with 125mg of Sensoril® (the same dosing as the “advanced” dosage recommendations for Ageless Body™) for 60 days experienced significant improvements in a variety of key biological age-related biomarkers:

    • 24.2% decrease in cortisol levels from baseline (6.5X improvement compared to placebo)
    • 32.2% increase in DHEA levels from baseline (4X improvement compared to placebo)
    • 36.6% decrease in CRP levels from baseline (5.8X improvement compared to placebo)
    • 65.6% decrease in sleeplessness (NO CHANGE for placebo)

    These dramatic improvements in these key biomarkers of biological aging are equivalent to rolling back 17+ years of cellular aging with just this single ingredient!

    3. Setria® Glutathione

    Glutathione is the body’s “master antioxidant,” boosting the body’s natural defenses against stress and dangerous toxins and bolstering the immune system. While the body naturally produces this potent tripeptide molecule (by combining the amino acids l-cysteine, l-glutamic acid, and glycine), the unfortunate reality is that glutathione levels plummet with age. Over 100,000 peer-reviewed scientific articles have addressed this powerhouse antioxidant, and researchers are recognizing that an frightening number of people are deficient due to:

    • Pre-mature aging
    • Chronic stress
    • Enivronmental toxins
    • Poor dietary choices
    • Lack of sleep

    Deficiencies in this master antioxidant weaken the immune system, expose you to excessive oxidative stress, and leave you susceptible to dangerous toxins, stress, and illness. What’s more, glutathione concentration is found to be greatest in the liver, the organ involved in the detoxification and elimination of toxins. So, deficiencies in glutathione impair the body’s natural detoxification processes.

    Setria Glutathione fortifies the immune system, provides direct antioxidant support, and promotes detoxification. In a randomized controlled trial published in the European Journal of Nutrition, researchers from Penn State University demonstrated that Setria Glutathione is the first form of glutathione to significantly elevate body stores of glutathione in healthy humans with oral supplementation. What’s more, the researchers found that supplementation with Setria dramatically reduced oxidative stress and bolstered the body’s internal immune defense network (i.e., natural killer cells).

    4. Coeznyme Q10 (CoQ10)

    CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant, and it is a critical component of healthy mitochondria (the “power plants” or “powerhouses” of cells), which are responsible for producing most of the body’s energy—about 95%. Thus, mitochondria (both number and function) are critical to overall health and function. Without a dense network of efficient mitochondria, our ability to live, breathe, move, and be energetic is severely compromised.

    CoQ10 is essential for energy production and for the health of tissues and organs, and it affects the function of every cell in the body, particularly the most metabolically active cells, including the heart, muscles, immune system, and digestive tract. However, like many things in the body, CoQ10 function declines with age; in fact, studies show that aging adults have up to 50% less CoQ10 than young folks. As you might imagine, lower levels of CoQ10 are associated with:

    • Fatigue
    • Reduced vigor and vitality
    • Muscle and joint discomfort
    • Reduced muscle size and strength
    • Impaired cardiovascular function
    • Reduced concentration and cognitive function
    • And more.

    Research has shown that supplementation with CoQ10 supports energy production, supports mitochondrial function, promotes cardiovascular health, supports muscle health, and provides direct antioxidant support. Ageless Body provides CoQ10 in its most bioavailable and stable form (ubiquinone)—a form that’s more absorbable than the so-called “more active” ubiquinol form.

    5. Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is one of the most well-known nutrients worldwide, and such recognition is well-deserved, as it serves as a key, potent antioxidant, protecting cells throughout the body from free radical damage. Vitamin C also plays an integral part in the production of celluar energy, helps maintain healthy immune system function, and plays a crucial role in the formation of collagen, which helps keep skin healthy, firm, and tight.

    Vitamin C has been shown to provide skin anti-aging effects, protect against ultraviolet (UV) radiation, help repair (damaged) photoaged skin, and provide wrinkle relief. Vitamin C plays a prominent role in promoting a longer lasting youthful skin appearance, and studies have shown that folks with higher vitamin C intakes have better skin-aging appearances.

    Ageless Body provides high potency vitamin C to help combat free radicals, protect against excessive UV radiation, boost cellular energy production, support the immune system, and promote firm, healthy skin. This is not just any vitamin C, which is typically provided as ascorbic acid. Rather, we use a form of vitamin C that’s “buffered” with magnesium (i.e., magnesium ascorbate), so it’s less acidic, easier on the digestive tract (i.e., less GI irritation), and has high bioavailability.
    Tim Skwiat, MEd., CSCS, Pn2
    Director of Nutrition and Exercise
    BioTRUST Nutrition: We are THE premium, natural nutrition brand committed to integrity, excellence, and giving back.

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    Ageless Body: Gerontogens and TeloProtectors

    Ageless Body Key Terms Glossary:

    • Telomere: Sections of DNA at the end of our chromosomes (the threadlike structure made up of our genetic information). As a normal cellular process, telomere length shortens with age. However, accelerated telomere shortening is associated with early onset of many age-related health problems and decreased lifespan. *This is cellular aging vs. chronological aging
    • Telomerase: An enzyme that maintains telomere length thereby preventing telomere shortening.
    • Gerontogens: Factors (e.g., environmental agents, lifestyle factors) that accelerate cellular aging and shorten telomeres. A comprehensive list is provided below.
    • "TeloProtectors": Ingredients found in Ageless Body (and other BioTrust supplements) that combat Gerontogens and protect telomeres. In other words, TeloProtectors help maintain telomere length, slow telomere shortening, and ultimately, lead to relatively longer telomeres.
    • "Critical Length": The Hayflick Limit refers to the number of times a human cell can divide until cell division stops. Telomeres shorten with each cell division until they shorten to a "critical length," at which point they no longer divide—a period of inactivity otherwise known as senescence.
    • Senescence: Loss of a cell’s power of division and growth. Also commonly used to describe the process of deterioration with age, or biological aging.
    • Chronological Age: The number of years a person has lived. Because there are so many environmental and lifestyle factors that affect biological age, chronological age can be quite distinct from cellular age, or biological age.

    Gerontogens and TeloProtectors

    The following is a list of common Gerontogens, which are factors that accelerate telomere shortening and aging. As you’ll see, we’ve scoured the research—and the globe—to find the most effective “TeloProtectors” that together make up Ageless Body and combat these Gerontogens. [Note: Also included in the list of TeloProtectors in addition to ingredients contained in Ageless Body are other complementary BioTrust products, which are hyperlinked for your reference.]

    • Oxidative Stress. One of the most important factors mediating the deleterious effects of aging is oxidative stress, which has long been thought to play a central role in biological aging (i.e., cellular senescence) and the aging of various tissues.1,2 In fact, telomere length is reduced at an accelerated rate during oxidative stress, and along those lines, factors that induce oxidative stress intensify and accelerate telomere shortening.3,4
      • TeloProtectors: Glutathione, CoQ10, Vitamin C, CurcuWIN

    • Photoaging. Skin aging is complex process divided into two components: intrinsic and extrinsic aging. Intrinsic aging is commonly regarded as the natural process and is genetically determined. On the other hand, extrinsic aging is caused by environmental factors, including unprotected sun exposure (i.e., UV exposure). In fact, extrinsic skin aging is more commonly referred to as “photoaging” due to the fact that UV exposure (i.e., photodamage) is the principal cause of extrinsic skin aging, which involves wrinkles, sun spots, thinning skin, exaggerated expression lines, and even pervasive dryness and itching. Along those lines, UV radiation damages DNA and accelerates telomere shortening.5
      • TeloProtectors: Vitamin C, CoQ10

    • Stress. Stress, which can come in the form of mental, physical, and/or emotional stress, has been shown to accelerate aging and telomere shortening.6,7

    • Attitude and Mood. Mood-related issues are associated with shortened telomere length, leading to as much as 10 years of accelerated aging.8

    • Sleep. Research has shown a linear association between sleep duration and telomere length (i.e., lack of sleep is directly associated with shorter telomere length). One study found that men who slept 5 or fewer hours per night had 6% shorter telomere lengths than men who slept at least 7 hours.9

    • Exercise. It should come as no surprise that a sedentary lifestyle has been shown to shorten telomere length. Whereas regular exercise has an anti-aging effect, a sedentary lifestyle accelerates the aging process and makes one more susceptible to various age-related health maladies.10,11 While a sedentary lifestyle has been shown to shorten telomere length, research suggests that excessive exercise may have a similar telomere shortening effect. In other words, too much exercise may be as bad as too little exercise when it comes to telomere length.11
      • TeloProtectors: Sensoril, CurcuWIN, CoQ10

    • Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs). AGEs can be formed during cooking, and they can also be formed by the body after exposure to high levels of blood sugar, which results from regular consumption of simple sugars and refined carbohydrates.12 AGEs increase free radical formation, impair antioxidant defense systems, increase oxidative stress, and promote inflammation, which can all contribute to accelerated telomere shortening.13
      • TeloProtectors: CoQ10, CurcuWIN, Vitamin C, Glutathione; IC-5

    • Poor Diet Quality. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is associated with shorter telomere lengths and accelerated aging. SAD is composed of more than 70% processed foods with heavy emphasis on refined grains, added sugars, industrial vegetable oils, trans fats, and numerous micronutrient deficiencies.14,15 Along those lines, low intakes of Vitamin C are associated with shorter telomere lengths, and conversely, higher intakes of Vitamin C are associated with longer telomeres.16
      • TeloProtector: Vitamin C

    • Persistent, Unhealthy Levels of Inflammation. The role of persistent, unhealthy levels of inflammation in accelerating biological aging (i.e., senescence) is so profound that researchers have coined the term “inflammaging.”17 Researchers have identified several biomarkers of inflammation, including C-reactive protein (CRP), IL-1ß, and IL-6, to be key mediators of aging. In fact, each incremental increase in CRP has been shown to be associated with a decrease in telomere length.18

    • Joint Discomfort. Joint discomfort is associated with accelerated shortening of telomeres, although it’s unclear whether telomere shortening plays a role in the initiation and development of joint discomfort, or vice versa.19

    • Environmental Toxins and Pesticides. Environmental toxins and chemicals (e.g., pesticides), second-hand smoke, and air pollution promote aging and accelerate telomere shortening.
      • TeloProtector: Glutathione

    • Omega-6 and Omega-3 Fats. Excess omega-6 intake has also been shown to be associated with shorter telomere lengths and accelerated aging.20,21 On the contrary, diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids are associated with a reduced rate of telomere shortening.22 Not surprisingly, research shows that slower rates of telomere shortening are reliably related to higher levels of the two key omega-3 fats found in fish (EPA, DHA).23 Along those lines, research shows that lowering the ratio of omega-6 relative to omega-3 intake by supplementing with fish oils can actually lengthen telomeres.24

    • Obesity. Excess body fat correlates with accelerated aging, and waist circumference is inversely associated with telomere length.20 Conversely, numerous studies have been conducted and papers written demonstrating the anti-aging properties of caloric restriction and periodic fasting.25,26 What’s more, in animals, caloric restriction has been shown to exert a protective effect on telomere length.27

    Tim Skwiat, MEd., CSCS, Pn2
    Director of Nutrition and Exercise
    BioTRUST Nutrition: We are THE premium, natural nutrition brand committed to integrity, excellence, and giving back.

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    Why can't I find this on your website?.... Also, is there a nutrition label?

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    Thank you for asking about our newest supplement, Ageless Body. You can access the product as well as the nutrition label at the following promotional link:

    Ageless Body

    Please let us know if you have more questions and have an enjoyable Sunday!
    Coach Stefanie
    BioTrust Nutrition and Exercise Coach
    ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
    ISSA Certified in Fitness Nutrition

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    Hi Tim,
    Though the ingredients in Ageless Body are fantastic, I'm not so sure about ubiquinone vs ubiquinol. I have been following Co-enzyme Q10 for quite some time, and from many sources, I always got it that Ubiquinol is the better version of the two (?!) .. especially for people like me, above the approx 40 - 45 years mark. One example : https://www.rejuvenation-science.com...ubiquinol.html
    I will leave it in your professional hands, to please advise me about this.

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    Administrator Cristina Powell's Avatar
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    Good morning, Shelly4545. Thank you for your interest in our newest product, Ageless Body.

    Coach Tim has done a knock-out job of providing us with an all encompassing overview of this product, as well as breaking down the benefits of each of the ingredients, and how you can benefit from including this in your healthy diet.

    It would also appear that Coach Stef has provided you with a link to purchase this amazing product, where you will also find the nutrition label. I have taken the liberty of including the product label here for you as well, in case you were unable to locate that on the product order page.

    Screenshot (114).jpg

    If there is anything else we can do for you, please do not hesitate to let us know.

    Have a remarkable day, Shelly4545.
    Cristina Powell, ME-NC3, Pn1
    Nutrition and Exercise Coach
    Blog Articles by Coach Cristina
    Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.

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    Administrator Cristina Powell's Avatar
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    Good morning, Stephenh. Welcome to the Community Forum. We hope you will find the Forum to be a valuable resource for you for all of your health and wellness questions. I would be more than happy to address your concerns with regards to this outstanding new product, Ageless Body.

    Before I begin, I want to be sure to mention that Ageless Body provides CoQ10 in its most bioavailable and stable form (i.e., ubiquinone).

    While it’s true that ubiquinol is the “active” form of CoQ10, once you take CoQ10 (i.e., ubiquinone), the body AUTOMATICALLY converts it to ubiquinol, as needed, shortly after consuming it. The body tightly regulates this conversion process to maintain a state of balance between the fully reduced (i.e., ubiquinol) and oxidized (i.e. ubiquinone) forms, and it does so on an as-needed basis.

    When ubiquinone accepts an electron from another molecule in the chain, it becomes reduced (i.e., ubiquinol) and when ubiquinol donates an electron, it becomes oxidized (i.e., ubiquinone). Maintaining this state of equilibrium is how the body benefits from CoQ10.

    The take-home point is that both forms are essential to important pathways in the body, and both can be effective. That is, the body is intelligent—more intelligent than marketers, who may lead you to believe that the more expensive ubiquinol form is “better”—and is capable of interconverting the two forms into the other as needed.

    I hope this successfully addresses your concerns, Stephenh. If there is anything that we can do to help you better understand how this product, or any of our other products, can be beneficial to you, please do not hesitate to let us know.

    Have a terrific day.
    Cristina Powell, ME-NC3, Pn1
    Nutrition and Exercise Coach
    Blog Articles by Coach Cristina
    Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.

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    Note: Cross Posted!!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

    I thought the Ageless Body supplement sounded great, so I ordered a large boxful!! I am working to reverse macular degeneration, and was glad to find a way to take glutathione orally, and have it actually get into my cells rather than be destroyed in the digestive process.

    BUT....in re-reading the daily emails from "Dr Matt", I am sad to discover that I didn't read things well enough before I ordered. This formula is recommended for "Reducing melanin (the molecule responsible for dark spots) by a whopping 30%", as stated in Dr.Matt's emails.

    But WHY?? Seems like an approx 1/3 reduction of melanin would make the skin more susceptable to skin cancers (melanine filters out the UV rays). It also seems that it is counter productive to my quest to restore my eyes. Melanin is in the iris, but also in the retina (where I am trying to work some magic). I need more, not a reduction!!!!!!!

    So.....when I take my daily dose of Ageless Body, and I undermining my effort to heal my eyes? What ingredient causes the whopping 30% reduction of melanin??? Is there any other supplement that addresses the concerns that Ageless Body does, without the additive that ruins the melanin??

    Thanks. Hoping for a speedy solution....cuz I am not taking Ageless Body until I hear more about this dilemma!!

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    Hello, Maison, and thanks for the excellent post!

    Great questions and I'm sorry to hear that you're dealing with this health issue. I'm glad that you're on top of your game, however, and it looks like you have done your research which will go a long way toward the prevention of its progression. If you don't mind waiting an extra day for an expert answer, I'd like to refer this question to Coach Tim, our Director of Nutrition and Exercise. Thank you, Maison, and enjoy your day!
    Coach Stefanie
    BioTrust Nutrition and Exercise Coach
    ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
    ISSA Certified in Fitness Nutrition

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