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Thread: Prefer to read BioTrust info? Me too!

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    Prefer to read BioTrust info? Me too!

    Hi - Am new and am finding it very hard to sit through all the lengthly videos that are sent our way. I have written back to BioTrust to
    ask that they send me the written form - but they said I have to write in this Forum to do that. So, can I please get sent the written
    form of any links? Or at least tell me where I can go to read it? Thank you ~ RedRav

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    Hi RedRav,

    Welcome to the BioTRUST Community, and thanks so much for offering us the opportunity to help you! We appreciate you reaching out to us regarding the videos, and we're more than happy to point you in the right direction.

    First and foremost, you always have the option to forgo the video and read about the material presented. If you allow the video to load and start playing, you can click to close the window. You will then be prompted to "stay on page" or "leave page." If you choose to "stay on page," you will be taken to a subsequent page, which contains a portion of the script. However, it is not the script in its entirety, but we're more than happy to fill in any gaps.

    That being said, what product were you interested in learning more about, RedRav? We have a boatload of readable content on our forum that I know you'll find beneficial in your quest for better health and fitness.

    Please follow up when you can and let us know if we can do anything for you.

    I hope this helps!
    Brian Murray, Pn2

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    I finally figured out that method to get to the written scripts........took a few months. Seems like I can read about 3 x faster than that illustrator can draw.
    I wish I had the wisdom of a 70 year Old
    the body of a 20 year old
    & the energy of a 3 year Old!

    Please read my blogs, lot of typing for a 1 fingered pecker (get ur minds outta the gutter, we're talking typing skills)

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