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Thread: Omega Krill x5 new formula

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    Omega Krill x5 new formula

    I am taking Omega Krill x5 since a couple of months.
    I have noticed that now, selling the product on the website, you have slightly changed the formula and composition of this product.
    My bottles contain 60 caps, the new ones comes with 90 caps; my dose is 2 caps per day and new one is 3 caps per day. I assume you did it to have smaller caps size (the ones I have are quite big and maybe someone could have difficulties to swallow). But I also noticed that the composition and nutrients for each serving have been slightly changed. The biggest difference involves the dose of Astaxanthin (increasing from 70mcg to 300mcg for each daily dose), how can you explain that?
    Do you believe the new formula is much more powerful than the one I have? Did you experience any issue with the old 60-cps formula? Can I continue to assume it safely until I finish my already purchased stock?
    Thank you

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    Hi Giak,

    It's always a pleasure to "see" you roaming the Forums, my friend. I'm very glad to hear that you've been taking OK5X. I'm not sure how you managed it, but consider yourself one of the small minority of fortunate individuals to get an early start using this pure and potent fish and krill oil combo.

    The primary difference between the 60- and 90-count bottles of OmegaKrill 5X is the size of the capsules, and thus, the number of capsules taken per day. Regardless of which bottle you have in your possession, you will have a one-month supply of potent, health-promoting fish and krill oil. Each bottle of OmegaKrill 5X:

    • Utilizes the patented VESIsorb® delivery enhancement matrix, which is research proven to enhance absorption of the delicate fish and krill oils by over 500%;
    • Contains the equivalent of over 2,300mg of EPA and DHA†, which is 10 times more than standard krill oil supplements; you'd need to take up to 20 capsules of standard fish oil to hope to receive the same benefit;
    • Provides a healthy, effective dose of the potent antioxidant Astaxanthin, which fights free radical damage, promotes brain health, and wards off aging;
    • Contains a DHA to EPA ratio upwards of 5:1 (unlike nearly every other fish oil supplement on the market) to maximize health benefits and support cognitive health.

    These are just a handful of the benefits that you'll enjoy by taking either the 60- or 90-count bottles of OmegaKrill 5X as recommended.

    You are correct, Giak, in that there is a difference in the Astaxanthin content. The two capsules of the 60-count bottle yield 92 mcg (NOTE: There was a misprint on the label.) while three capsules of the 90-count bottle yield 300 mcg. It's incredibly important to remember that the VESIsorb® technology also dramatically enhances absorption/delivery of Astaxanthin, as it is a lipid-soluble nutrient (not unlike one of the other carotenoids). Thus, the respective equivalents are 460 mcg (or, just under 0.5 mg) and 1.5 mg.

    While there is a difference and more is arguably better, you are still getting a hefty, effective dose from the 60-count bottle. As a matter of fact, like all of the other improvements that have been made with OK5X (over other similar products in its category), that dose is comparable—if not higher—than what other krill products would afford you, albeit with much more DHA and EPA.

    As mentioned, the primary issue in the reformulation was simply the capsule size. As you noticed, the capsules are a bit large, but you can absolutely continue to safely utilize your the stock you have, Giak. There is no problem with them whatsoever, and that is precisely the same formula that I am currently using and enjoying.

    I hope this helps, my friend!
    Tim Skwiat, MEd., CSCS, Pn2
    Director of Nutrition and Exercise
    BioTRUST Nutrition: We are THE premium, natural nutrition brand committed to integrity, excellence, and giving back.

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    Dear Tim,

    your replies are always very precise and explanatory. Thank you!

    At home I have both Omega Krill X5 and Omega Dessert, do you think they can be used together at the same time? Or if I choose one of them I shouldn't take the other one?
    I wouldn't like to exceed the recommended dose of Omega3 and don't know about potential side effects.

    I don't care about taking capsules and I trust in the power of Omega Krill. Is it enough or is better if I take also Omega Dessert? If you think it's better taking both, what's right dose you suggest?
    Actually I take OKX5 twice a day and, when I want some extra taste, I take 2 tsp of Omega Dessert before bed or with a mid afternoon shake.

    I am taking Omega3 supplements since 6 months, but haven't noticed any difference. Is it normal? I believe the most difference will be in the years to come...

    All the best,

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    Hi Giak,

    You are ever so kind, my friend. I am glad to know that you've found the information helpful. When reading my responses, I can only imagine it can frequently be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I appreciate your patience!

    Personally, I prefer to take both Omega Dessert and OmegaKrill 5X, as I think any of us would be hard-pressed to consume too many Omega-3 fatty acids.

    I refer to this thread quite frequently, but the rationale is outlined in post #16:


    Even in reviewing the diets of some of the most healthiest eaters I know, it's still incredibly common to see ratios of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids in the range of 8:1 or more. And these are folks that are eating an otherwise pristine diet of one-ingredient foods, grass-fed/pasture-raised meats, etc.

    When using both Omega Dessert and OmegaKrill 5X, I would simply stick with the label directions of 2 teaspoons and 2 capsules per day, respectively. [Note: With the 90-capsule bottle of OK5X, you'll take 3 capsules per day.]

    There are many benefits that can be noticed with the addition of Omega-3 supplements, but it certainly depends on the user (and where he/she is in his/her journey). If you've had any blood chemistry testing done, you may see improvements in triglycerides and/or HDL to LDL cholesterol ratio. You may even see improvements in blood pressure. Of course, we'd expect some significant improvements in inflammation, although that can be trickier to measure.

    The subjective benefits may be even more far-reaching, as you may notice improvements in weight loss, insulin sensitivity, mental well being, joint pain, recovery from exercise, and even skin, nail, and hair health.

    As you mentioned, Giak, the benefits are most likely to be chronic with continued use, as these fatty acids make up the cell membranes of every cell in the body. As the ratio of fatty acids shifts more positively in favor of Omega-3 fatty acids, the benefits are more likely to manifest themselves.

    I hope this helps, Giak. Keep up the great work!
    Tim Skwiat, MEd., CSCS, Pn2
    Director of Nutrition and Exercise
    BioTRUST Nutrition: We are THE premium, natural nutrition brand committed to integrity, excellence, and giving back.

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