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Thread: Unanswered questions for using Leptiburn

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    Unanswered questions for using Leptiburn

    The LeptiBurn label does not have any instructions specifically dealing with the following questions: How soon after taking the product can I actually begin eating food? Is it safe to take this product at the same time I am taking my daily medications? Or do I have to wait some time period before/after I take medications when it is safe to take your product? Is there somewhere I can get answers to these questions from a person qualified to know what these answers are...and not simply from other unqualified users???

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    30 Minutes after taking Leptiburn is when you can eat. Check with your Dr. to see if you can take with your medications.

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    I thought the instructions says to take with breakfast and lunch ?

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    Hello Lizette20,

    Welcome to the BioTRUST Community, and thanks so much for offering us the opportunity to help you! This post is from more than two years ago, so I apologize if the recommendation for BioTRUST LeptiBURN is dated.

    We recommend anyone using LeptiBURN take two (2) capsules with breakfast and two (2) capsules with lunch. Because there is approximately 212.5 mg of naturally-occurring caffeine per serving, we suggest that you avoid taking this product within six hours of bed time. Also, if you have a known caffeine sensitivity, you may consider assessing tolerance with half of the suggested serving at first.

    It was traditionally recommended to take herbal-based supplements on an empty stomach to potentially optimize absorption, however, our research indicates that taking these supplements with food does not diminish their effectiveness. Furthermore, a small percentage of the population may experience some symptoms (e.g., upset stomach, jitteriness, etc.) when taking these products on an empty stomach. In these cases, taking these all-natural supplements with food alleviates these issues.

    I hope this is helpful, Lizette20. If there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Thank you!
    Brian Murray, Pn1
    Senior Nutrition and Exercise Coach

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