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Thread: Win a FREE $100 BioTrust Gift Certificate! - Tell Us Your Goal and Get FREE Coaching!

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    Win a FREE $100 BioTrust Gift Certificate! - Tell Us Your Goal and Get FREE Coaching!

    We are extremely excited to announce the FREE BioTrust Online Coaching Forum! This is THE place where you will be able to come daily to give and get support on the topics of nutrition and fitness with thousands of other BioTrust readers and customers, as well as our trained nutrition coaches!

    To kick things off, we're giving away TEN $100 BioTrust Gift Certificates to individuals who respond to this post. To be eligible, all you have to do is reply with YOUR fitness goals and we will select 10 commenters at random to receive ONE HUNDRED BUCKS in FREE BioTrust supplements!

    In addition to that, you'll get FREE coaching and support via the BioTrust community message board! This community was created for YOU, so enjoy!

    Here's exactly what to do right now:

    1. Hit the "Reply to Thread" button at the bottom of this page (you'll be prompted to register a username; takes 2 seconds) and then reply to this post with your current fitness goals.

    Tell us exactly what you want to accomplish in the next 12 weeks, and be specific! Pounds of fat you want to lose, inches you want to shave off your waist, sizes you want to drop, etc. Specific goals are motivating and give you something to strive for!

    Again, just hit REPLY below and post your goal to be part of the new BioTrust community, make yourself eligible for $100 in FREE BioTrust supplements, and get ongoing coaching here at the BioTrust forum!

    We are looking forward to welcoming you as part of the BT family! Reply by clicking the button below!

    Joel & Josh
    Co-Founders, BioTrust Nutrition

    [This contest is now closed. For a list of contest winners, please visit this post. Thank you!]

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    My current fitness goal is to get to 9% body fat and add a few more pounds of lean mass. So far I have managed to hit every fitness goal I have set but this is my most ambitious yet.


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    My immediate goal is to get below 30% BMI, and ultimately get to 12% BMI. I am currently at 50%. I would dearly love to be back with good muscle tone and less weight. It's been really hard the past few months with all the job stress - it just keeps adding on. But, I know I can do it, in spite of everything like that.


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    Hi all my current fitness goal is to lose 35 pounds and get a lean toned body. I am focused and taking the first step of my challenge. I have accomplished a lot in my life and this is one thing that I am eager to accomplish.


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    My fitness goal is to become more healthier, work on my body fat and I want to gain some muscle mass. I'm not overweight, so I want to maintain my current weight and eat healthier.

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    My goal, is to get stronger and compete in 6 more obstacles races. My other goal is to come in first in my age group in each race.

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    My Fitness Goals

    Over the next 12 weeks I would like to drop fat and gain muscle, taking my current body fat from 21% to 18%, drop to about 140lbs (currently at approx 152 lbs), be able to do 5 full, unassisted pull ups, be able to do 50 concurrent pushups, be able to fit into my skinny clothes (currently size 10, need to be closer to a 6). I will be incorporating 3-4 days/week of HIIT, 2-3 days of weight lifting and 1-2 days of fasted cardio. I would love some new protein powder and supplements to help curb my non-stop appetite and help with muscle recovery!

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    My goal is to gain 5 pounds lean muscle while losing 2-3% bodyfat

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    In the next 12 weeks my target is getting below 6% BF and begin preparation for my first physique competition.

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    My goal is to lose 80lbs and improve functional fitness.

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