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Thread: Supplement questions

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    Supplement questions


    I started taking a bunch of your supplements this week and have some questions because I feel a bit overwhelmed and I'd like to know I'm not doing something that will hinder any chance I have of getting healthier.

    First, how long after taking Leptiburn, on an emptly stomach, do I wait to eat?

    Second, I take Athletic Greens first thing in the morning on an empty stomach too. It is a green, superfood. Is taking these two things together okay?

    Third, is there an easy way to remember what to take when? I'm specifically wondering about Absorbmax, IC-5 and Pro-X10. I will soon be ordering BCAA. Right now, I do my best to take Absorbmax right before my AM and PM meals and the IC-5 and Pro-X10 during them.

    Fourth, I just purchased your 21 day plan and I'm getting motivated to start up. I haven't read all of the information yet, but I did see reference to "fasting days". I'm not able to fast, so would this be considered a deal breaker for me?

    I appreciate your help.

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    Hi lynnrod,

    Welcome to the BT Community! Thank you for sharing your questions and thank you for offering us the opportunity to help!

    LeptiBurn. We recommend waiting 30 minutes after taking LeptiBurn to eat, although it's not mandatory to eat within 30 minutes. This guideline is to optimize absorption. As an aside, if you're wondering when the stomach is "empty" during the day, it typically takes 1 - 4 hours for the stomach to pass its contents along to the small intestine depending on the contents and size of the meal. 2 - 3 hours after a meal/snack is a safe guideline.

    Athletic Greens. If possible, I'd take LeptiBurn with water and wait a little bit longer (10 - 15 minutes) to take this supplement.

    IC-5. We recommend taking about 15 minutes before a meal. It sounds like you're taking it during a meal right now. This is one that you will really derive greater benefit if you get the ingredients in your system prior to the meal.

    AbsorbMax and Pro-X10. Ideally, both of these supplements would be taken just prior to eating as well, and they could be taken at the exact same time. I've shared some additional thoughts on the timing of these two supplements in these threads:



    As for giving the 3 Week Diet (aka, 21 Day Diet) a go without fasting, I've shared some thoughts and directions in this thread:


    I hope this helps, lynnrod! Please let us know if you have any additional questions.
    Tim Skwiat, MEd., CSCS, Pn2
    Director of Nutrition and Exercise
    BioTRUST Nutrition: We are THE premium, natural nutrition brand committed to integrity, excellence, and giving back.

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    Just wanted to say thanks for answering my questions! This is an awesome resource. I definitely could get "lost" in all of the information provided to others too...relevant and interesting AND nice to know I'm in some pretty good company of people wanting to improve their lives!!

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    Thank YOU for the awesome feedback, lynnrod! We developed this Community with the hope of providing an inspirational and informational resource for our beloved customers. We are extremely grateful for your encouragement and support.

    Thanks, lynnrod! Keep up the awesome work and keep us in the loop with your progress!
    Tim Skwiat, MEd., CSCS, Pn2
    Director of Nutrition and Exercise
    BioTRUST Nutrition: We are THE premium, natural nutrition brand committed to integrity, excellence, and giving back.

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