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Thread: Belly Trim XP

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    Belly Trim XP

    Today I received the Matrix BCAA I ordered when starting the 3 week diet. It was accompanied by an information booklet of all the products.
    One of them was "Belly Trim XP" which looks like it could help with my particular problem. However I don't find it mentioned on the official Biotrust site. Is this supplement available and could it be a good addition to the 3 week diet, perhaps instead of Leptiburn?
    Thanks very much,

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    Hi Marian,

    Coach Brian shared some more detailed information on BellyTrim XP in this thread:


    Essentially, the ingredients in BellyTrim have been shown to help your body burn more fat, reduce your body's ability to store fat, destroy exisitng fat cells (i.e., apoptosis), and decrease systemic inflammation that leads to weight gain.

    We have a very limited stock at this time, and that's why it's not available on the website. However, you can contact Customer Service to order: (800) 766 - 5086 (M - F 9a - 5p CST).

    BellyTrim XP can be used in conjunction with any/all BioTrust supplements. For folks that do have issues with LeptiBurn, this is an excellent alternative, although they can be used with great synergy simultaneously.

    I hope this helps!
    Tim Skwiat, MEd., CSCS, Pn2
    Director of Nutrition and Exercise
    BioTRUST Nutrition: We are THE premium, natural nutrition brand committed to integrity, excellence, and giving back.

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    As usual, yes. Thanks for always being there!

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