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Thread: Belly Trim XP

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    Belly Trim XP

    What is Belly Trim XP and when will it be available? It is mentioned in our Product Catalog and Users Guide.

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    Hi tindoc,

    Welcome to the BT Community!

    BellyTrim XP is the "Where's Waldo" of BioTrust supplements. That is, we put it in the User's Guide to see if anyone could find it. All kidding aside, we have a very limited amount in our warehouse at this point, and that is why it is only featured in the User's Guide (and not on BioTrust.com).

    My good friend and outstanding teammate Brian Murray shares some more details about BellyTrim XP and how you can acquire it here:


    In a nutshell, BellyTrim XP contains research-proven ingredients that help your body burn more belly fat, reduce your body's ability to store fat, have the potential to "kill" fat cells (i.e., apoptosis), and diminish systemic inflammation associated with weight gain. Pretty cool stuff!

    I hope this helps, tindoc.
    Tim Skwiat, MEd., CSCS, Pn1
    Senior Nutrition and Exercise Coach
    BioTRUST Nutrition: We are THE premium, natural nutrition brand committed to integrity, excellence, and giving back.

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