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Thread: Sample Menus

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    Sample Menus

    Regarding the 'Fatburning Hormone Diet'. I've read through the PDF & I get the general idea, but wanted to see if anyone has a sample menu of some sort to see if I'm on the right track. Just an example of each type day would be an awesome tool for me. Thanks!!

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    I just started it too and am finishing up week 1 I'm not sure if you are used to eating this way, I am so I stick to the same stuff....3 eggs for breakfast with a big bowl of cooked veggies ....snack is a shake and almonds or hard boiled eggs. Lunch and dinner are fish or chicken with lots of veggies and a fat, I use coconut or olive oil or almonds. Then I do a shake at night with coconut oil ....that is for low carb day. When I bring the low and high GL in I will do beets, quinoa, oats, all g?uten free carbs....and probably some fruit....Same proteins.Does that help?

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    Hello Tami,

    Welcome to the BioTrust Community!

    I will make sure you get a copy of our Fat Burning Hormone Diet Meal Plan eBook.

    Please let us know how we may better assist you moving forward with the forums.

    Thank you, Tami.

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    Any meal ideas are a fantastic help; thank you you so much!

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    Hi Tami,

    Welcome to the BioTrust Community!

    You may also find this thread helpful.

    Keep up the great work and please keep us posted with your progress!
    Tim Skwiat, MEd., CSCS, Pn1
    Senior Nutrition and Exercise Coach

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    Agreed - good thread with examples Tim provided.

    For example ..this was today for me ...

    3 eggs cooked in small amt coconut oil, about tsp
    cooked carrots

    3 hard boiled eggs

    chicken breast
    amond butter
    cooked broccoli

    3 hard boiled eggs

    chicken breast
    brussel sprouts
    cooked carrots

    Shake w/coconut oil or almonds

    I know this sounds so weird - but I LOVE regular yellow mustard on my vegetables, and chicken, any meat really .. I just love it, and it helps with digestion too of all the fiber but I add a packet of stevia to make it like a 'honey mustard' - that on my steamed brussel sprouts, I get the steamable bags of the petite ones - YUM!!! I eat that literally everyday - You have to try it if you're open to it LOL... my roommate has totally deemed me the weirdest eater she knows :P

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    Thanks so much for sharing a sample day! That's very helpful. Certainly, one could keep it incredibly simple like that. Mustard is a great condiment. If you were to mix some Greek yogurt, mustard, and stevia together, you'd have an even closer version of a honey mustard dip/dressing. Give it a shot.

    If you like brussel sprouts, take a look at these two threads, as there are some good recipes:



    my roommate has totally deemed me the weirdest eater she knows
    That's hilarious! My wife used to feel the same way...now she just thinks I'm weird.

    Keep up the great work!
    Tim Skwiat, MEd., CSCS, Pn1
    Senior Nutrition and Exercise Coach

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